Thursday, March 18, 2010

I want full particulars of the policy.

You can have the full particulars at

Does the premium vary from year to year?

The premiums does not vary from person to person. However, being a Group Insurance Policy, the premium may slightly increase or decrease based on the claims ratio.

What are the documents rquierd to join this policy?

First of all, the proposer should be a customer of ANDHRA BANK. Apart from that, passport size photos of the family members along with the AB AROGYADAAN application form available at ANDHRA BANK Branch.

What are the applicable premium per person and amount of insurance?

The policy ranges from INR1,00,000 to INR5,00,000. Premium ranges from INR 1801/- to INR 7644/- for the family(2+2).

I need to undergo medical examination righ now. Can I take this policy and utilise it for that?

This policy is applicable only when the patient is hospitalised at least for 24 hours. For general checkups and out patitent treatment, this policy doesn't cover.

Can I include my parents also in my policy?

Yes. By paying some extra premium, parents also can be covered under this policy. But they should be below 65 while joining the scheme.

Do we need to undergo medical examination before taking this policy?

There is no specific requirement to undergo medical examination to take this policy.

How can I get this policy?- Rghunandan

This policy is for the customers of ANDHRA BANK, a premier Indian public sector bank. Any body can walk into the branches of Andhra Bank and pay the premium.
Ram Mohan Reddy